How to create a Solution?

What’s a Solution in CRM?

A Solution in CRM, is a pack of components and customizations that you can move over different environments.

How do I create a Solution?

  1. On the up left corner, click on “Sales”. Note: This label can change based on the module you currently are on.1


  1. Click on Settings



  1. Click on Solutions



  1. Click on New



  1. A new window will pop-up. There are several fields that need to be populated:
    1. Display NameName that will be displayed.
    2. Name (Auto populated based on Display Name)Logical name of the solution, cannot be duplicated.
    3. PublisherAllow us to add a prefix to the customizations made in this solution. The recommendation is to create a custom publisher while doing customizations, however, as this tutorial is for solutions, we’ll use the Default Publisher.
    4. VersionCurrent version of the solution. This field helps to improve the control over your versions.



  1. After Populating the required fields, click on Save, in the left side corner


After following these steps, now you’ll have a new custom solution that you can use to do customizations in your environment. In further tutorials I’ll explain how to add components to a solution.



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