Knowing how my MS Dynamics CRM organization is being used


As administrators or product owners, we want to know how our organization is being used by the users. Information such as total active users, most used entities, plugin executions, API calls, workflow failures and storage is something that could make the difference when customizing the organization or trying to find how can we train our users so they take advantage of all CRM functionalities. To help us in this task, here is where Organization Insights comes into play.

Organization Insights is a solution provided by Microsoft that allow us to get all this information easily. This solution adds one dashboard that is completely customizable and let us define dates from which we can get a variety of information related to our organization.

How to install it?

1. Download the solution: Here

2. The link to the page above has an import wizard, so you don’t have to install the solution manually. Just click on “Get it now” and follow the wizard instructions.

3.  It could take some minutes to download and install it. Once the process is done, in your CRM Organization go to:

Settings > Organization Insights

There, you should see the Organization Insights Dashboard which will show you information about the usage of your organization. Don’t forget to take a look to all its tabs to take advantage of all its functionalities.

Hope it helps!

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