Adding On Refresh Event to Subgrid CRM 13

Although the latest versions of MS Dynamics CRM allows us to attach functions to specific events of a subgrid, MS Dynamics CRM 13 does not support this functionality using XRM Object Model. Hence, the necessity of a different method is necessary. Find below a code that solves this problem, please keep in mind this is unsupported, but in almost all cases it work as expected:

function AddEventToSubgrid() {
    console.log("Getting subgrid...");
    var Subgrid = document.getElementById('SUBGRID_NAME');

    if (Subgrid == null || Subgrid == "undefined") {
        console.log("Subgrid not found, trying again in 1 sec...");
        setTimeout(AddEventToSubgrid, 1000);

    console.log("Grid Found. Adding on refresh method...");

    console.log("OnRefresh added");


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