Testing MS Dynamics CRM 365 online Web Api


There are 3 things we need to start this tutorial, these are:

  1. MS Dynamics CRM 365 online instance with admin role, for this, you can create a trial.
  2. Azure admin privileges within the same CRM tenant. If you’re using a CRM trial, this is a default configuration.
  3. PostMan (Link).

Step 1 – Register your CRM instance in Azure Active Directory

First thing we need to do is register our CRM instance in Azure Active Directory so we can get the token required to loggin and start to test the web API. These steps are only needed for CRM Online as on premises instances use Active Directory. Find below a Microsoft walkthrought to register your online CRM instance:


Step 2 – Request token in PostMan and excecute a “WhoAmI” task

In order to autenticate to our dynamics CRM instance and start our testing to the web api, we need to get a token. Find below a Microsoft tutorial of how to do this:


Step 3 – Practice simple operations

So far we have everything set to start testing the web api, so the last thing is just to start querying to the database. Find below some examples:


Hope it helps!

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