Get members(Users) of a team

The method below will return you a list of users which are part of a team that will be received as parameter: public static List<Entity> GetTeamMembers(Guid teamID, IOrganizationService service) { string fetchXML = @"<fetch version='1.0' output-format='xml-platform' mapping='logical' distinct='true'> <entity name='systemuser'> <attribute name='systemuserid' /> <order attribute='fullname' descending='false' /> <link-entity name='teammembership' from='systemuserid' to='systemuserid' visible='false' intersect='true'> <link-entity name='team' … Continue reading Get members(Users) of a team

OptionSet fields and Javascript – Dynamics CRM

In order to get and set values in an OptionSet field in JavaScript, use the code below: // Get Option Set var Option_Set ="FieldName"); // Get Option Set / Selected Option var OptionSet_Selcted_Option ="FieldName").getValue(); // Get Option Set / Options var OptionSet_Options ="FieldName").getOptions(); // Get Option Set / Label text var OptionSet_Label_Text … Continue reading OptionSet fields and Javascript – Dynamics CRM